Writing Activity- Dramatic Monologue

30 Mar
Hello members! 
First of all our winner for the last activity which was a critique round – Serena Cooke! Congratulations Serena!
and now for the next activity, you all have to write a Dramatic monologue!
What is a monologue?
A monologue poem voices the feelings and intents of one character to an implied audience. It can be comic, but most are dramatic. In a monologue poem, there is no dialogue, and the poet takes on a persona and develops the fictional identity. The goal is to provide a peek into the character’s pure psyche and let the reader do the interpreting. Poets well known for their monologue poems are Robert Browning, T.S. Eliot, Sylvia Plath and William Shakespeare.
Tips for writing a Dramatic Monologue:
1.Read dramatic monologues. Shakespeare wrote a lot of them.
2. Develop the character to whom the monologue belongs. The better you develop and understand this character, the better your monologue will turn out.
3. Choose a subject that is very important to the character or something that happened to them.
4. Choose powerful adjectives and words for this monologue. Consider using metaphors (within the scope of the character).
5. Incorporate pauses, sighs, and body language cues to emphasize certain parts.
6. Edit and reread your monologue for improvement.


The last day to submit your entries for this activity is 10th April. The entries have to be emailed to us at miracle.ezine@yahoo.com with Miracle Bond written in the subject line.



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