Interactive Session 8

4 Mar


Welcome to the eight interactive session of the group. We had a lot expectations from the last activity but we didn’t received many submissions. So if you still want to submit your work, you can do so!

In this session, we have works by Kieran Rundle and Natasha Pasch in response to the latest writing exercise. Enjoy and don’t forget to post your views!


1.Discovery, February 18th – Kieran Rundle


From the minute, oh so many weeks ago, when I first saw Lorenzo, I knew it was impossible, this could never work out, but yet he called to me. So soft was his voice, a faint whisper of the wind, the flirty song of a wind chime, and the call of a dove. He was patient and dear, and everything that calmed and healed the ache in my heart.

“Isabel!” His caramel eyes gazed so dearly at me when I opened the thick door to my chambers. “Isabel, I have been sent to inform you that dinner is in an hour.”  His gaze dropped, the lightness gone, and I knew why.

“Right.” I sighed, a dinner with my betrothed. We usually ate together, but I longed for those teasing nights of flattery when I feigned ill and snuck out onto the grounds for an evening picnic with Lorenzo. “I had best begin to choose a dress.” I turned and walked back into my rooms, leaving the door open.

Lorenzo stepped in behind me, shutting the door quietly, and followed me into my dressing room.

“I detest these rooms; they are much too lofty and big for one person.” I sighed, walking around my bed and clicking the handle to my closet open.

“That is the way of the manor, my lady. The money is shown and revered, just to be flaunted and put on a pedestal for impressions.” He shrugged, standing behind me.

I twirled around to face him, and he caught me in his muscled arms and gathered me to his chest, “Let’s escape together, tonight, now! Let’s escape my marriage, let’s run away! We could go over the mountains and through the valleys until we find a new town and can start a life there.”

There was a pause as he just held me, but then his wise voice spoke, “Oh my dreaming, sweet, and bright Isabel. You know as much as I that my master would never allow it. He would find his bride and then post me as a kidnapper.” 

“We could make it work, we could change the world.” I turned my head to look up into his round and thoughtful face, with hair the color of firewood falling lightly in sprinkles over his forehead.

“Besides, he gives me work, you a home, and has been good to us. He’s not a bad man, he is kind. He places the bread on my table, and he offers up a life.”

“Not the life for me, oh, my heart is with you!” I fluttered.

“I know, butterfly. But I could never give you the life he is offering.” He leaned in.

“The life my parents want me to take.”

“The life you should accept gratefully.” He leaned in and kissed me passionately, then released me, “I shouldn’t have done that,” and turned to walk to the door.

“Don’t go.” I pleaded after him.

“Isabel,” He didn’t turn around to me, “When I was sent to tell you of dinner tonight, I told myself I would end this, end us.”

“What?” I recoiled in shock; it had been going perfectly, what had I done?

Lorenzo sighed, “He knows.”

I shook my head, “He would have mentioned it.”

“No, but it is no longer safe for us to be together. I never meant to do this to you, sweet one.”

“Do what to me?” I retorted, running up to his shoulder, “I never lived before I met you.”

“Isabel, accept the life that you deserve, the life he is giving you, and the one I could never offer.” He kept walking.

“I don’t want that life!”

“Do not be selfish, take it. You deserve it, you were born for it. I am sorry I was in the way.”

“Lorenzo, why? What is going on?” I gasped.

“Isabel, I am sorry, but this cannot go on. I am in love with you, and cannot bear to be away from you, but I mustn’t be the one to stop you from your future.”


He raised a gentle hand in the air to cut me off, “Goodbye, Isabel.” He opened the door out to the corridor and then turned to face me, “Dinner is in an hour, my lady.”

Tears gathered in the corners of my eyes, but I refused to let him see them when he was acting like that. “Tell your master I will be there, happily.” I turned on my heel and shut the door in his face, ignoring the flash of unguarded pain that had come over his face when I spoke.

I wilted, sinking against my door, my legs crumpled, sobs broke forth from the back of my throat and echoed through my emptiness. This had not been how our meetings had been, they had been soft and intimate, but that was simply cold. Why had he just flipped on a dime, did the master really know about this? Was I going to be pushed from the manor?

I couldn’t let him just walk away like that, I couldn’t let him leave, I couldn’t just say goodbye like that.

Tear stained and sodden, I wrenched the door open and gazed down into the corridor, “Lorenzo?” I called. “Lorenzo!”

“Looking for someone?” A cold voice chilled my spine.

I spun around, red eyes and all, and found myself staring straight into the uncaring eyes of the master.

“Hello, I, eh, was just, uh,” I stumbled over the words and he just smiled a grin that stood the hairs up on my neck and spine and I knew it was the smile of a predator who caught the prey.

“On your way to find Lorenzo.” He finished my sentence.

“Yes, I had to ask him if it was a formal or informal dinner.” I caught myself.

“And you were crying because. . .”

“I was very stressed about it, because I have to impress you and I was worried I would dress wrong.” I knew it was unbelievable, I didn’t even believe it. But I didn’t care, I had to find Lorenzo, and I had to find out why he had ended our small infinity of a love.

“Oh, it is informal.” He turned to walk away, but then looked back at me over his shoulder, eyes holding an icicle of a menace and a threat. “And you need not worry about Lorenzo, he’s being taken care of very well.”


2. Un-forbidden – Natasha Pasch


Tension stirs in the night.

Vicarious atonement for passion,

You are not a ghost, but real.

Real to me, beating hearts I can feel,

You are still tangible.

Effervescent bubbles pour over my skin.


We can dream, but only together.

We can soar, but only in hand.

We can weep, but only once.


We cannot believe this is reality.

I wish to be a phantom, as you are.

Graves touching, skies singing lullabies,

The trees harmoniously rustle.

We only wish to feel each other,

For the last time.


AllI wanted was your love,

But they snatched it away.


AllI wanted was your marriage,

But they killed my dreams.


Lorenzo, oh Lorenzo

Your eyes will be my only love.

Your death is just the first step.





5 Responses to “Interactive Session 8”

  1. Shreyas Tripathy March 4, 2013 at 4:19 pm #

    Many congratulations to Kieran Rundle and Natasha Pasch for submitting such amazing pieces of creativity … I just couldn’t write anything !!! This has to be our most difficult task till date

  2. Natasha March 6, 2013 at 4:59 am #

    @Kieran- Your story was wonderfully written, very great word choices and it seemed to flow and fit the original story PERFECTLY. Some of the words you used portrayed that time period in a way, which was great. It was a big effort on your part to write a short story of sorts instead of just writing a short poem like I did. Commending you on your efforts well done!

    • Kieran March 7, 2013 at 1:52 am #

      Why thank you 🙂 and your poem is wonderful, I quite enjoyed reading it.

  3. Kieran March 7, 2013 at 1:51 am #

    @Natasha- First of all, I adore the exquisite imagery and vocabulary that was exhibited in your poem, it was gorgeous and perfection for this task. Amazing write. I love the winding story you wrote out in the rhythmic heartbeat of the poem with the twisting tone from almost a wistful forlorn to perhaps a vengeance of sorts. I have not read the full story that we have been using the poem from as a base for this assignment, but from the piece I have read your poem fits the emotional patterns and the eternity of the story absolutely perfectly. Again, a beautiful poem, excellent work. 🙂

  4. Katy March 11, 2013 at 7:04 am #

    Amazing, absolutely beautiful! First off I have to say that both of these pieces are wonderful! So different in content and both so wonderful to read.
    @Kieran – I love the story, the passion that comes through your writing is apparent to the piece. The descriptive content was outstanding, it put me right there in the place of the scene. I felt the excitement and love Isabel felt for Lorenzo and shatter of Isabel’s heart when Lorenzo came to her to tell her he was ending it. The anxiety Isabel feels at the thought of not having Lorenzo. And a thank you to the beautiful features of Lorenzo!. I enjoyed how you wrote from Isabel’s POV, and her portrayal Lorenzo somewhat coldness of the situation, yet you managed to get across the pain in Lorenzo as well. This is a great story, it flows nicely and you had me on the edge of my chair at the end, Wonderful job!
    @Natasha – The words in your piece roll off the tongue like silk, brilliant choice of words, I can absolutely feel John Keats through your piece. The tone of the piece is set just perfectly, the greatest love poem you will ever read, or the saddest. Either way, your piece does not fall short of any element of the longing of love and the loss. And some anger in there as well 🙂 I thought you did a wonderful job of staying with the beginning verse. (Something I am struggling with, still working on mine…) I also liked how you started the piece on a love note and the piece went to passionately longing for the other, then anger, and at the end it was almost eerie with the last line, so wonderfully written! This is a beautifully written piece of poetry, thank you for writing it.
    Thank you both! I enjoyed reading your work so much!

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