Writing Activity- Future

5 Nov

All off us have different predictions on what our future could be like. Some of us maybe believe in aliens, some think that there is life on Mars, some of us think that the world might come to an end in 2012, etc. But what will it be really like? Will the world come to an end in the near future? Or will the aliens take control over Earth? What do you think?

For our second activity of the group, the members have to write a story or a poem or an article on future. You could take it in any way you want. It is totally your imagination. You can take it any direction. It is totally up to you.Remember, when you are writing about future, don’t forget to let your imagination go wild.

As observed, some members of the group did not participate in the first activity. please note that if these members do not submit their work or participate in the interactive session, they will be disqualified and will be replaced by other entrants waiting on the line.

the last day to send in your entries is 12 November 2012.  All the entries that come in before the weekend will be displayed in the interactive session, along with some entries from the last activity.

best of luck to all of you!


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